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Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

Leading UK specialist pipe coupling manufacturer Teekay Couplings Ltd. is pleased to announce that they are supplying their patented fire-protected pipe couplings to the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers – the largest vessels to enter service with the Royal Navy. 

The Queen Elizabeth Class vessels are 65,000 tonne aircraft carriers, 280m in length with accommodation for up to 1600 people. The vessels are being built in multiple stages at major shipyards around the UK.

Teekay Axilock-FP Pipe Couplings have been selected for joining steel, copper nickel and GRE plain end pipes on the QEC project. Joining plain end pipes with Teekay Couplings avoids the need for welding, flanging, threading or grooving the pipe. The use of Teekay Couplings instead of traditional steel flange sets will considerably reduce the space, weight, time and cost of the installed pipework system.

Teekay Axilock-FP Pipe Couplings comply with MoD shock and fire protection requirements for use on Naval Vessels and are fully compliant with current IACS regulations.

Director, Ian Webb says “Following on from the success of the Type 45 project, we are delighted that the Teekay Axilock-FP has once again been selected as the pipe coupling of choice by our leading shipbuilders. We can now say that the global marine industry and the marine regulatory bodies have fully embraced the technological leap made by our high level of shock and fire protection. From workboats to mega-yachts, from cruise vessels to military ships, Teekay proves to be the first choice again and again.”


The above is just one example of where Teekay couplings have been used successfully in this environment; if you’d like more details of how our couplings may be able to help you in your next project, please contact us. To see more examples of case studies, please click here.

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