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The History of TEEKAY Couplings

We have focused on piping products for more than 50 years. We continue to lead the way with innovative product developments, saving space, weight, time and cost whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and offering great value.

Our business was formed in 1961 and represented the finest North American pipe, fitting and flange manufacturers when supplying the leading UK offshore oil and gas contractors.


We became the first UK business to market Polybutylene pipe and fittings for industrial and domestic applications, including a patented heat fusion joining system. Our other joining methods for Pb included flanges and mechanical couplings.

While our company was developing its product range, many factories for the production of fibreglass pipe were beginning to emerge, especially in the Middle East. It was clear that the Teekay range of products was highly suitable for joining this type of pipe.


In 1978 the Teekay design concept was approved by a number of leading UK consulting engineers, and with their advice the materials, especially the quality and anti corrosion aspects, enabled the Axiflex pipe coupling to be used on buried pipelines in highly aggressive ground conditions.

Projects in Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in diameters from 300mm to 2000mm resulted in tens of thousands of large diameter Teekay Axiflex Couplings being used on water and sewerage projects throughout the Middle East.


In 1982 we patented our Stepped Coupling design and in 1984 a Hinged Coupling. During the ‘80s these products were used widely in the UK water industry for new projects and repair, especially the renovation of old pipelines by the scraping and relining method.

In 1982 we made our first distributor agreement in Germany. 

1989 - 1990

A new era began! Four key inventions were patented and the original Teekay Axilock Coupling was born, bringing new levels of performance and corrosion resistance, especially to the marine industry.

Projects with commercial and military shipbuilders were rapidly won as the company began to add to its energy, water and building service applications. 


It was apparent that the fire safety standards of marine industry pipework would, in future, require the use of fireproof pipe couplings. We patented the original Teekay Axilock-FP, which has now become an industry standard on commercial and military ships. 

From our manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes and our London Sales office (now in Old Beaconsfield) we have exported Teekay Couplings to over 85 countries. We are a highly inventive company with a range of products covered by worldwide patents that enable us to offer innovative solutions for applications on sea or land

2000 - 2005

Between the millennium and 2005, Teekay Couplings doubled in size, and then did so again between 2005 and 2010 doubled again.


Teekay Rohrkupplungen GmbH opened in Germany for sales and distribution to middle Europe and expanded our plant, providing 40% more manufacturing space than before. 


We were very proud to be a part of the construction of Europe’s tallest building, The Shard, when it opened to the public on 1st February 2013. At 310 metres tall to the tip, construction started some four years’ previously, in March 2009. 


Having extended our manufacturing plant through the acquisition of Unit 7 in 2009, in 2015 we expended again, this time into Unit 8. Providing 40% additional manufacturing space, this also provided much-needed office space from which our sales and marketing team will operate.


This year we are celebrating the 21st Birthday of the first couplings to be installed on commercial vessels which remain in operation today. Throughout this period there has been no need for any repair or maintenance, illustrating perfectly the value of installing a quality product from construction. 

A significant achievement this year has been the successful completion of an eight minute dry fireproof test. Higher safety limits installations where fire protection systems are dry until the point of use. The challenge was to commence a fire test with a dry pipe, which was then flooded with water after eight minutes. It was originally thought that five minutes would be the limit, but through the work of our dedicated Research and Development team the higher standard of eight minutes was achieved.

To find out more about the Teekay couplings and the benefits they offer across a wide range of industries, please contact us.

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