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Our Values

Teekay Couplings is a family business selling into a global piping market, looking forward to where our customers, our products and our inventions will take us next.

With a history spanning more than 50 years, Teekay Couplings is well respected within the pipe coupling industry and has built strong relationships during this time. We believe this is because of the values which run throughout the business.

Working in long term partnership with our Distributors, Customers and our internal team, we know that our focus will allow us to maintain our position as a leading producer of affordable, high quality couplings.

We love innovative engineering, and helping people to use it to solve challenges they face every day. If we can use the depth of knowledge held within our team to make our customer’s lives easier – we’re happy!

Whether our customers place an order for one coupling or several thousand, the high quality service they receive will remain unchanged. Whether they are office based or field based, our sales team want to help, to keep our customers informed on the progress of their orders and generally make life easier.

The Teekay team are friendly and positive and love to talk about our products and the benefits they offer to customers and the world at large. As a result, we enjoy bringing visitors to our manufacturing plant to see the various tests that we carry out, to meet key members of our team and to understand our products more fully. Our sales team are also out and about a lot, both in the UK and abroad, so can easily schedule an appointment with customers or potential customers at a convenient time; it’s good to talk, even if it’s not quite the right time to progress with a project. 

We always encourage open feedback and suggestions, and learning by any mistakes, because we know that recognising their cause can help us to improve for the future.

Willen Hospice is a registered charity that provides specialist care for people whose illness no longer responds to curative treatment (also known as specialist palliative care). Given the nature of the support they offer to the local community, Teekay Couplings has been a very proud supporter of the Hospice for a number of years and intends to remain so into the future. To find out more about the Hospice, please visit their website

If you would like to have an initial conversation about any of the information you have seen, please contact us; we’d love to tell you more about our products and the Teekay approach. 

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