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Introduction "Water"

Teekay Couplings have been used for water applications around the world for over four decades. In the first instance the reasons are clear: the couplings are lighter for ease of installation, have one lock part which can be placed in the most convenient position, are manufactured from long lasting, corrosion-free materials, and save on the cost of installation. 

The secondary benefits of using a Teekay coupling are smaller, tighter working spaces, a cold working environmentally friendly product and a time saving benefit to contractors.

In the Repair coupling option, Teekay Couplings can be installed on filled lines without the need to turn the water off. 

In the Stepped coupling option, pipes of the same nominal bore but with different outside diameters may be joined with ease.


Czajka WWTW

When it was completed, Czajka WWTW in Warsaw, Poland became the largest waste water treatment plant in Eastern Europe.

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The above is just one example of where Teekay couplings have been used successfully in this environment; If you’d like more details of how our couplings may be able to help you in your next project, please contact us. To see more examples of case studies, please click here.

Two pipes, two screws, two minutes.