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Teekay Technology

With more than fifty patents and trademarks granted across our range, our commitment to innovative technology is beyond doubt. Our dedicated, internal Research and Development team focus on constant improvement across our product range as well as on identifying new solutions to the myriad challenges faced by our customers.

Teekay Couplings are available in two configurations, Axilock and Axiflex:

Teekay Axilock
(axially restrained)

The Teekay Axilock has metallic anchor rings that dig into the pipe wall when the coupling is installed. This prevents the two pipes from pushing apart under pressure or pulling away under end-load.

Teekay Axiflex
(non axially restrained)

The Teekay Axiflex joins pipes that are already anchored. In this instance the pipeline forces do not have to be contained by the couplings. Therefore diameters up to 4 metres are possible with this design. The coupling can be placed over the pipe ends or supplied in a wrap - around version.

Each coupling (whether Axilock or Axiflex) consists of a casing, a gasket and a lockpart. The purpose of the casing is to house the gasket and to press it onto the pipe surface when the lockpart is closed. The lockpart is designed to pull the two ends of the casing together circumferentially around the pipe. In order to achieve this, the coupling is labelled clearly with a torque figure which ensures that the gasket is compressed sufficiently against the pipe surface.

The Axilock has two anchor rings which are placed adjacent to, but separate from, the sealing mechanism.

As the lockpart is tightened the sealing lips are pressed against the pipe surface to form a seal. At the same time the two anchor rings penetrate the rubber, bite into the two pipes and prevent them from pulling apart, whether by external loading or internal pressure. The end seal is also pressed against the pipe surface, which protects both the anchor ring and the section of the pipe where the anchor rings have bitten, from any possible external corrosion.

The Axiflex has two thick sealing lips which allow for pipe expansion and contraction.

The sealing lips press against the pipe surface and form lip seals. The lip seals are designed to resist the internal pressure in the pipes. As the pressure increases, the lip seals swell to seal more tightly against the pipe surface.

The best way for us to illustrate the emphasis we place on the quality of our product is for potential customers to see examples of our couplings for themselves. Please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment, or come to see us at one of the many exhibitions we attend around the world each year. You can also see our videos and customer testimonials by clicking here.

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