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Every picture tells a story, so in the following videos we aim to show you visually a wide range of additional information, including how simple the installation process for a Teekay coupling is, and how quickly a Teekay coupling can permanently repair a leaking pipe.

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The NEW Teekay Axilock Fire Proof Coupling

The second generation Teekay Axilock Fire Proof Coupling is a signifiant development over the original, invented in 1995. Watch this to find out more!

The new Teekay Plastlock

To find out more about the benefits and design of our Plastlock Coupling, click here

The Teekay repair coupling

A leak really can be solved permanently within two minutes, without the need to drain the pipes. This significantly reduces any downtime and negative impact. To find out more about our Repair Coupling, click here

Installation of a Teekay coupling

Can a Teekay Coupling really be installed in two minutes? Absolutely! To see for yourself just how quick and easy the process is, click here

Two pipes, two screws, two minutes.