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The shipbuilding industry is the perfect environment to benefit from the full range of benefits offered by Teekay couplings, being space, weight, time and cost. Each individual saving is significant, but in combination the question of whether to install Teekay couplings becomes redundant. Click below to read about some of the projects they are part of. 

United Kingdom

Aircraft Carriers

Leading UK specialist pipe coupling manufacturer Teekay Couplings Ltd. is pleased to announce that they are supplying their patented fire-protected pipe couplings to the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers – the largest vessels to enter service with the Royal Navy. 

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The above is just one example of where Teekay couplings have been used successfully in this environment; If you’d like more details of how our couplings may be able to help you in your next project, please contact us. To see more examples of case studies, please click here.

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