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There are many different types of pipe couplings and pipe connections on the market; stainless steel couplings, cast iron couplings, push-fit couplings, grooved couplings.....

At Teekay we consider build quality to be one of the most important aspects of manufacturing a well-engineered and user-friendly product. We know that good build quality hugely improves the life and performance of the product. Listed below are some features which make the Teekay product range stand out from the rest:

TIG welded seam

When fastening the coupling, the section of the casing that has to withstand the most stress is the area where the “ear” is welded to the outer casing. We TIG weld this section with a strong seam weld and then passivate it so that it is as corrosion resistant as the casing. The seam weld provides uniform strength across the whole width of the casing. This is the strongest type of weld design possible. We never spot weld this area of the coupling.

Solid bars and 2 screws on each coupling

Teekay couplings come with solid bars which are spot-faced in order to reduce stress points on the screw head. The solid bar prevents corrosion of the screw thread and provides extra strength in the lockpart. All Teekay couplings are supplied with a minimum of 2 screws. This design feature is crucial to the secure fastening of the coupling across its entire width. The coating on each screw is a dry lubricant which negates the need for greasing the lockpart.

Unique Axilock multi-seal gasket

All Teekay Axilock-S, Axilock, Axilock-FP and Axilock-FP Ultra couplings come with a unique multi-seal gasket design which provides greater sealing security when compared with a single seal design. There is a high volume of material-to-space ratio which ensures long term sealing efficiencies.


The Teekay Axilock FP coupling has the unique feature of an internal fire sleeve. This allows the coupling to be installed in exactly the same way as any other Teekay coupling but with the benefits of fire protection to the requirements of IACS P2 (ISO 19921 and 19922). The material cannot be damaged, lost or removed; it is hydrophobic, smoke and toxicity free.

The best way for us to illustrate the emphasis we place on the quality of our product is for potential customers to see examples of our couplings for themselves. Please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment, or come to see us at one of the many exhibitions we attend around the world each year. You can also see our videos and customer testimonials by clicking on the following link: Our Company

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