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Following more than fifty years of production and development, we are extremely proud that our couplings have been used in many flagship buildings and installations around the world.

Though often hidden from view, they are a fundamental part of the skyline of many of our biggest cities, are an automatic choice for many of the largest vessels afloat and are indispensable to the water industry.

To see some of our completed projects please follow any of the links below, but if you would like to know more about how a Teekay Coupling could help you, please Contact Us.

Building Services

Enabling customers to avoid the need for hotworking, with the accompanying Health and Safety burden, is a considerable benefit of our couplings. Additionally, they enable our partners in the Building industry to join pipes of different materials and sizes. Click below to read about some of the larger projects we have been involved in.

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Teekay Couplings have been used for water applications around the world for over four decades. In the first instance the reasons are clear: the couplings are lighter for ease of installation, have one lock part which can be placed in the most convenient position, are manufactured from long lasting, corrosion-free materials, and save on the cost of installation... Click below to read more about the benefits Teekay couplings offer the water industry.

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The shipbuilding industry is the perfect environment to benefit from the full range of benefits offered by Teekay couplings, being space, weight, time and cost. Each individual saving is significant, but in combination the question of whether to install Teekay couplings becomes redundant. Click below to read about some of the projects they are part of. 

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In the harsh offshore environment, the anticorrosive benefits of Teekay couplings cannot be underestimated. Add in the fireproof and space saving attributes of the product, and it is no surprise that they are so popular. Click below for more details of recent projects.

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Civil Engineering

Accessibility is usually an issue within the Civil Engineering industry, but our couplings solve that problem, and do not need to be re-tightened later. Click below for a description of recent projects.

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With our couplings, the lifetime of the product matches that of the site, there is no need to replace or update them later. This is particularly relevant in an environment where downtime can be extremely costly. Similarly, the couplings are unaffected by high temperature applications. Click below for more details of our recent energy projects.

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When a factory expands, one of the biggest issues can be adding new machinery and connecting pipes of different materials and sizes, which is a problem that Teekay couplings can solve. With a silicon free option and without the need for onward maintenance their suitability for this environment is further enhanced. Click below to see how our couplings have been used previously.

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Two pipes, two screws, two minutes.