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Teekay is part of history!


When the roof on the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York was closed last night during a US Open tennis match featuring Rafael Nadal, Teekay Couplings became part of history. (Click here to read the report in USA Today.)

The USTA took the decision to add a roof to the stadium in 2013, and last night it was closed to avoid rain delays for the first time.

As you may imagine, the construction considerations for such a project are considerable, not least because the stadium has been built on foundations that were inadequate for the weight of a roof, and because the stadium sits on marshland. Instead, the Architect and Engineer designed an entirely separate 'pavilion' that covers the entire stadium.

Once the highly innovative design was confirmed, Teekay Couplings were chosen for the project because our Axiflex Couplings were able to handle the expansion and contraction in the exposed 12" rainwater downpipes, and because of their aesthetic appearance, which was crucial to the USTA.

Working with the Architects, Structural Engineers, the Main Contractor and the company responsible for the installation of the pipework, Director Neil Taylor was able to advise on the best options given all the various considerations, and the end result received the acclaim of the New York crowd last night!

Teekay are very proud that once again we were able to be a part of such a momentous and prestigious project.



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