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Czajka WWTW in Warschau, Polen

When it was completed, Czajka WWTW in Warsaw, Poland became the largest waste water treatment plant in Eastern Europe. Serving a population of 2.1 million people, Czajka replaced the out of date existing plants with a modern, up to date facility that  incorporated the latest technology for removing and processing sludge and cleaning waste water.

Czajka WWTW was designed and built by Veolia in joint venture with several local civil contractors. The plant consisted of 10 aeration basins plus sludge extraction and drying facilities. The inlet pipework was supplied in GRP and the process pipework inside the plant was in 316L Stainless Steel in sizes from DN80 to DN1400.

To install the process pipework Veolia specified Teekay Axiflex Couplings Type IV  with EPDM Gaskets with central registers. More than 6000 Teekay Couplings were used for this project over two phases.

Teekay Couplings were chosen to facilitate the installation on the thin wall metric stainless steel pipes. By using Teekay Couplings the contractors could avoid welding and hot working on site. Pre fabricated lengths of stainless steel pipework were quickly and easily installed with the couplings. Teekay Axiflex Couplings provided the fitters with generous installation tolerances. The unique central register design served to locate the couplings while allowing for expansion and contraction of the pipework.

By using Teekay Couplings Veolia reduced the installation time for the pipework by several months, thereby making considerable savings in installation costs.

As well as manufacturing and supplying the couplings Teekay Couplings Ltd assisted Veolia in the designing and supporting of the pipework and also sent two engineers to Warsaw to provide installation training on site. 


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